Log in with…

I decided to add “Log in with…” functionality to a portion of the site.  You’ve seen it – a set of buttons “Log in with Facebook”, “Log in with Google +”, etc.  What am I protecting?  Nothing right now.  Just wanted to see how it worked.

So I started like I do all projects and Googled for what I wanted:


Googling “log in with Google” gave me the above results.  I clicked on the first link which brought me to a page which instantly declared that it was presenting deprecated information:


I’m not trying to knock Google.  They are a great company, and their search engine is an indispensable tool.   As a developer, I can search arcane error messages or phrases involving code and always get an answer.  It’s just funny that the first time I use Google to search for how to develop against Google it falls short.

btw: The right answer was only a few clicks away.