Attack of the green tomatoes

A few weeks back I decided I needed to create a game to delight my kids.  That made the problem not technical but one of inspiration.  I decided to stew on this for a few days.  Then someone showed me 2048.  This set me back.

First off, it is massively addicting.  When I got the “2048” tile I was momentarily proud then realized I needed to stop (“…what the hell happened to the last 4 hrs?”).   Beyond cycles lost to arranging ^2 tiles, I was floored by the game’s simplicity.   One “level”, no “achievement”.  Just a simple model like “tetris” or Rubik’ Cube.  That’s when I realized my hubris.  Just because I decided to devote some nocturnal cycles to JavaScript doesn’t mean I can instantly entertain.  This may take some time.

So the exercise is mental – examine what I see in things (games, designs, nature) and think of how they may entertain.  In the mean time, I created a simple game to continue to improve my technical skills.  It is more complete than my last effort, but still something of a boring idea (moving a little sprite trying to avoid green balls, eat bacon).   It was nice to work on it with the kids.  Emma spent some real time with me designing the sprite in Inkscape, and Ryan with me on the code.

“Dad – why doesn’t the person fall when they get hit?”

“I think I need to add ‘gravity’ but I need to figure out how to do that”

“I think I saw ‘gravity’ on that page you were looking at [the documentation].  Here [grabs the mouse] I think it was back one page…”

He’s really into it.   He also came up with the name – “attack of the green tomatoes”.

It is now posted, as well as the source on github.  It is totally too big (didn’t really work to reduce images).  I had some fun creating a pattern for “levels”, and parameterized the input to the level class so it could be reused with “harder” arguments as a more advanced level.   Maybe I’ll add a few more level types, or perhaps call it quits and move onto something more interesting.


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